What is the safest way to dine out? We think that we have the answer.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently regarding how much our lives and habits have changed since COVID-19.  Alden said it best when relating people and their behavior to that of someone with a recent concussion.  Certainly the intent is not to make light of a serious injury, but rather to describe the  confusion we all seem to have when engaging each other after being quarantined for such a long time.  How does my mask look?  Should I shake your hand? Is a fist bump okay?  Or STAY AWAY!  We all have our own disposition as it relates to these very common social situations.  When visiting Vander Mill we think we have a way to give everyone the comfort they need to enjoy going out, being social, and also safe. Here are a few ways we think that you will feel safe during your visit. 

Big outdoor space keeps you safe! You simply HAVE to visit our outdoor patios.  In Grand Rapids our patio is lined with young apple trees and green grass, you will never know you are near the heart of the city.  We have picnic tables, benches around our fire pit and soft seating well spaced for your comfort.  Have a couple of seats under the apple trees (if you are lucky enough to snag one of the two Adirondack chairs hidden away).  If you are in Spring Lake, you will enjoy an acre of openness in the shade or in the sun in which to enjoy yourself.  Order online for your food.  Head over to the pickup window or the bar to place your drink order. Please keep a safe distance from other customers.



Limited Contact Service Available.  If you prefer not to have a server come to your table as frequently, you are welcome to order online while indoors or outdoors.  We will bring your food to you when it is ready.  Again, simply place your order online through our website, sit back and enjoy!

Sanitization.  We know a thing or two about sanitizing.    After being in food and beverage production for almost 15 years we have all the knowledge and resources to keep contact surfaces clean and safe.  Our staff will be regularly wiping down contact surfaces between customers for your health and safety.  Good food manufacturing practices are essential to the high quality and safe production of all our products.  We also have hand sanitizer available if you would like further assurance during your visit.

Good Practice.  Our staff is equipped with face coverings while serving you to limit any exposure of bacteria and virus to both you and our fellow staff members. We also always wear gloves when handling food items per our usual practice, and wash our hands between use and otherwise frequently.  

We hope that the above will help you make a decision to come in and join us in celebrating the bounty of Michigan agricultural products.  Our ciders, beer and spirits are manufactured right here in our facility.  We use ingredients that are high quality and locally procured, when available, in an effort to support our community.  Please come and let us tell you more about our business!


Cider Taster
Vander Mill