Wait….Aren’t you just a cider place?


Well, the very simple answer is NO! It is true, we are well known for our world class ciders made at our facility in Grand Rapids.  We use the best fruit in the world, grown right here in West Michigan. In fact, at both locations you can try more different types of cider than you even knew existed.  From completely dry to sweet, ciders with other Michigan fruit like raspberries and blueberries or you can try one of our many spiced ciders like Totally Roasted, Ginger Zero or Rosé.  We would love to help you find the one you like.  You might just be a “cider person” after all! 

If you prefer to go down a road well traveled, we have you covered!  We are also a licensed Micro Brewery.  We have a rich, hop forward American IPA on draft that is made right here in our facility.  If your palate prefers something lighter, we have a crisp and full bodied pilsner.  Have you ever had a “Snakebite”?  No, not the kind you might get when hiking down a trail and stumbling upon a slithering reptile.  A Snakebite at Vander Mill is made with half pilsner and half cider of your choice.  Get creative and make a fruit beer by adding Cherry Chuckle (cherry cider).  Or, make it crushable by simply choosing to blend with our classic Hard Apple cider. The combinations are infinite.

Still not tempted?  Well, let me introduce a new brand to you: Full Bar.  We manufacture a line of canned spirits and mixers that you can enjoy on premise, or take home.  Take in a hot summer day with a Classic Margarita, Gin and Tonic, Vodka Soda, or another one of our cider based cocktails.  Either way, we have you covered!


Cider Taster
Vander Mill