10 Hard Ciders You’ve Never Heard of, But Need to Try

When it comes to booze, people think beer, cocktails, or wine. Those aren’t the only choices though, and some people may get bored with the same IPA or glass of Pinot Noir. Good news, the cider scene is better than ever.

The apple-based beverage is increasingly working its way into the mix and there are a number of reasons why this may be the case. Robert Vedder, certified cicerone and retail development manager at Powers Distributing in Orion, Michigan, says, “It’s giving these drinkers another option. It’s opening the doors to a whole different drink.” That cider is naturally gluten-free only adds to the appeal.

These aren’t the candy-like drinks you had in your youth. “The biggest misconception is that it’s sweet,” Vedder says. “Oh man, there are some sweet ones out there, but there are a great number of very dry, complex, interesting ciders coming out now.” READ MORE…

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