At Vander Mill, we start our process with high-quality Michigan apples. From there, we craft them into a crisp, delicious cider. Each flavor is a unique transformation of apples and other pairings of ingredients to create a unique, distinct flavor. Plus, all of our cider products are naturally gluten free.

    Specialty Draft and One-Offs

We are continually pushing the boundaries of cider making and challenge the typical cider profiles. These ciders are crafted in small runs and are available in limited supply for a short time. Below are some of our limited releases and fine examples of your non-typical cider.

Ancho Mama

These dried poblano peppers are sweet and smoky, imparting flavors reminiscent of raisins and plums. The crisp apple allows the peppers to retain their distinctive, gentle heat. Your palette won’t know what hit it.


The mint and lime concoction you don’t need to serve on the rocks.

Loving Cup

This specialty cider is soft and fragile, with a sharp sweetness. The balance of pink peppercorns and hibiscus highlight the rich berries and mild tart. Coming in at 6.9%abv, this semi sweet cider is sure to make you fall in love.

Michigan Wit

Midwest apples meet Belgian wit yeast, creating an unfiltered farmhouse cider full of character. Distinct orange peel and coriander enhance the flavor, bringing warmth full of zest and spice.

Founders Keepers Cyser

Apple cider fermented with Michigan Honey and aged in bourbon barrels for one year. Semi-dry cyser with with honey and floral notes.

Summer Crush

American wheat pale ale brewed with 15% fresh apple cider. Excellent summer choice

Too Gold

This true American Heirloom cider is a blend of Grimes Golden, Golden Russet and Gold Rush apples. Each variety is aged individually in American white oak barrels and then blended together for a complex experience of crisp apple, oak and vanilla. Light carbonation lends to a dry, fruit-forward cider, with a nutty and tannic finish.